About Yaw Duah

A young man who was born in Ghana and at the age of 8 I was brought to the promising Netherlands by my parents for a brighter future.

This was my greatest gift ever. I got good education and developed my talent in electronics and obtained the necessary certificates to be an engineer with better life.

Because of this I feel the need to help others and more importantly to help them develop their talents. I am a generous person and that is why I have always been a member of other charity foundations. I have always felt I could do more than what I do now. That is why I was very happy when I met other people who also have the same feeling and vision as I have.
Jointly starting a foundation with the same vision and goals was a fact.

I believe in Heart of Grace foundation, because I believe every child should have bright future. My heart lies with the charity foundations.

There are many charity foundations around the world doing an excellent job. One thing I noticed in supporting the various charity foundations they can only help a few people.

My goal with Heart van Grace is to expand these good works and make this world a better place for as many people as possible. I travel a lot for my job and always meet unique people. Humanity is beautiful and special.
We are all the same, but the country / community in which we live and the family in which we grow up has the greatest impact on a child’s future. It will be great if we all get the same opportunities in life. All the beautiful things around us are made by God and people with talents.

Children with a brilliant brain but limited by living conditions, become useless in society, which is a real pity and a shame. Big lost for humanity!
With HOG I want to help helpless children.

I don’t want to advertise, but people have to testify about the good work of Heart of Grace Foundation.

I believe in education, talents, if you don’t give people a chance, you will never discover their talents; if you don’t teach people how they have to use their talents then it will be in vain.