Birgit's Story

Africa is one of the largest continents with many contrasts. The contrast between rich and poor is enormous and much of Africa is still limited in welfare. It is possible to help develop Africa through development aid to get a growing and developed economy.

Development aid is intended to help developing countries and their citizens as well as help institutions to achieve a higher standard of living. This happens in the areas of education, health, economic development, agriculture, and infrastructure.

In the summer of 2013, I went to Ghana for three months. During my stay I worked for an NGO where the emphasis was on youth. I learnt more about Ghanaian life and met a lot of nice people.

The people in Ghana are so kind and grateful. When I got back in The Netherlands, I knew that my stay in Ghana was over, but the country has Impressed on me so much. I realised there is still so much work to do in Ghana and really wanted to continue doing voluntary work.

The vision of Heart of Grace Foundation resonates with my personal goals for the needy. I fully agree with the vision and mission of this foundation to make a significant contribution in the lives of Children through access to quality education in Ghana.