My Story

As I was growing up, as young as five years old, myself and people around me knew I have a special gift of giving. I always love to share the little food or things I had with other children and offered assistance to anyone in need, both young and old. Even though I did not have much myself, it gave me great joy to see the smiles and the appreciation in their faces.

I was brought up by my grandma from a young age and we also had to live on the very little we could make. I remember I had to work to cater for my clothes, all my school stationery, other important school costs and items even as young as I was. So I can relate to how it feels to lack and living in a deprived area, to an extent that as a little girl I had to struggle in that manner. I remember a number of times I was sent home from school because I and my fellow class and schoolmates had to be sent home for some petty things, or could not pay the school fees on time.

Setting up a foundation to help others became more necessary to me , when I lost My late younger brother (Ebenezer Asare) ‘May his soul rest in perfect peace. My late brother was very good and talented in school, he was hardworking and loved the technical field, but had to drop out of school because he could not receive the necessary assistance he needed, that led him to seek a job as a street hawker which had no salary but small commission.

His life was cut short by a tragic car accident  and as a result lost his life on duty. This pain will live with me forever, but it will be bearable if I can help  even one child to achieve their dream.